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Sexstories.com is one of the best places to read and post sex stories! There is a large range of viewers & writers, which gives the site a very open and educational feel. Some stories are true and some aren't, but no matter what you're reading, there are always a ton of fun people to mingle with and enjoy the company and comments of.

sexstories.com has the biggest collection of various sex stories on the internet!

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Literotica is a website where you can take pleasure to the next level. This community of individuals writes and submits erotic content for all to read and enjoy. On this site, there are also chat rooms, videos, photos and more!

Literotica has everything you need to enhance your intimate life: whether with yourself or with a partner.

  • Chat Rooms
  • Live Streams
  • Erotic Stories (Fiction & Non-Fiction)

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JuicySexStories is the place to be if you are curious about other people's sex lives. Here, you are able to post and enjoy sex stories that you feel you can't tell anyone else. There are so many open-minded and fun people on this website that you will never get bored of sharing content.

JuicySexStories.com has the free sex stories you've been waiting for!

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NewSexStory.com has hundreds and hundreds of the hottest sex stories on the internet! Not only are they all very well written and intriguing, but they are also absolutely free! No more playing for erotica when you are able to easily read it online. These stories are updated daily which means that you will never have to read a story twice if you don't want to.

NewSexStory.com has the best and most obscure categories ever!

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LushStories.com has a softer side than other erotica and sex story websites. This is all about making love and being tender with one another. If you and your partner love reading and read together often, this is a good website to help enhance your bedtime. You will find the most intimate stories here that will make you want to create some of your own.

LushStories.com has the best love-making and sex stories online today!

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  • Chat Rooms & Live Cams
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XHamster.com is where you will always be able to find the hottest sex stories on the internet, all day everyday. Whether you are looking for a place to submit your stories or are just interested in reading them, this is the spot to indulge in it all.

XHamster is the best place to find all of the erotic material you need!

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MarieClaire.com has all of the sex stories you've been looking for. Interested in a certain genre? There are tons of categories to choose from to enhance your special senses.

MarieClaire.com is a favorite among many erotica readers. Check it out for yourself here!

  • Tons of Categories & Tons of Content
  • All Written by Real Women
  • Interesting Articles on Sex, Marriage & More!

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Reddit.com is becoming more and more popular by the day. No matter what you're looking for in a sex story, you'll find it here. Some are silly, some are super sexy and some are bland. You are going to be able to find everything under the sun. The great thing about these is that you can comment and make your experience that much more fun!

Reddit Sex Stories Is A Great Source For Free Sex Stories!

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  • Real People Writing About Their Experiences!

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SexStoriesPost.com has a treasure trove of the absolute hottest sex stories on the internet. There are so many that it is quite hard to choose which one you're going to read first. All of them are truly well written and are quite a pleasure to read. Get it? Pleasure?

SexStoriesPost.com is here for all of your erotica needs! Submit, post and read all of the hottest sex stories online here!

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WellSexStories.com has a large selection of fiction and non-fiction erotica that will make you tingle. All of the stories posted have been approved and are quite exciting and well written. No matter which story you decide to invest your time in, you will be pleased.

WellSexStories.com is where you need to be if you are looking to read or post on a free erotica website!

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