The #1 Hottest LGBT Sex Stories

The Hottest LGBT Sex Stories


ConfessionStories is bisexual sex story website that holds many stories of closeted bisexuals who are slowly making their way out of the closet. This isn't to say that there aren't any open bisexuals either. There are tons of writers and readers on ConfessionStories that are bisexual.

ConfessionStories has a large bisexual population of readers and writers.

  • Great for those who are interested in posting their own personal sex stories

Click here to check out a favorite bisexual sex story website! ConfessionStories. is a Transgender sex story website where you can find tons of gems. If you love reading and love sex, there are really some great stories to be read here! holds unique transgender sex content for you!

  • A lot of these sex stories are fiction.
  • There are new stories posted on the website every week.
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  • Preview stories before joining to make sure you're interested in the content!

Click here to check out for all of the hottest transgender sex stories! is a wonderful sex story website. If you aren't the biggest fan of reading, these are audiobooks so you are able to listen to the stories and not have to worry about reading them.

eroticaudio.comhas a large collection of LGBT sex stories!

  • Easy to listen audiobooks!
  • Great for those who love erotica but hate reading.
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Click here to check out and all of their great audiobooks! is a Lesbian sex story website. The name didn't give it away at all! These stories are all written and shared for others to comment and connect with one another. This is a great way to meet and communicate with other members of the LGBT community! has some of the hottest Lesbian sex stories online!

  • A safe place to share sex stories and have conversations based around sex.
  • LGBT friendly!

Click here to check out all of the great Lesbian sex stories at! has so many different genres of sex story, but the category of gay sex stories is basically overflowing. There are tons and tons of stories here that will excite the pants off of you! (literally). has a large variety of gay sex stories!

  • Thousands of Gay Sex Stories
  • LGBT Friendly!
  • Lots of open-minded users
  • A lot of fun for those who love sex and those who love reading.

Hit this link for a large variety of gay sex stories on!


EroticaOnTheEdge is Christopher Wyatt's website where he posts fiction gay sex stories.

EroticaOnTheEdge has many gay sex stories that are waiting to blow you away!

  • If you are a fan of gay erotica, this is a great place for you to become acquainted with the works of Christopher Wyatt.
  • Detailed and well-written sex stories.
  • LGBT friendly!
  • Links to Chris' social media, email and more.
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Click here to look into the fantasies of Christopher Wyatt at EroticaOnTheEdge! is a sex story website where you can find everything and anything you've ever wanted to read in the erotica world. These stories are posted by the writers and most stories are non-fiction. There is definitely a lot of personality in one website! has tons of bisexual sex stories to enjoy!

  • LGBT Friendly
  • Great if you are looking for a place to post your own personal bisexual stories.

Click here to check out for all of the best non-fiction bisexual sex stories! is a great place to go if you are alone and in the mood. There are many things to explore here, but one of the best parts of this website are the gay sex stories! has gay sex stories as far as the eye can see... and further.

  • Porn tube, audio stories, gay sex stories & more!
  • Forum style postings about gay sexual experiences.
  • LGBT friendly!

Click here to read all of the best gay sex story content at! is a gay sex story website for the readers. This means that all of the stories that are submitted are looked over and posted on the website itself. This filters out all of the not so good material to make sure that all of the content you are being given is enjoyable to read. has some of the best gay erotica online today!

  • LGBT Friendly!
  • For the readers!
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Click here to read gay sex stories on is a website where you can find everything having to do with gay sex. There are articles, videos, audio clips, sex stories and lots more! The highlight of this site is definitely the amazing sex stories that are posted daily! has all of the best gay sex story content!

  • Thousands of Gay Sex Stories
  • Always LGBT Friendly
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Click here to check out for all of the most entertaining and thrilling gay sex stories.