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The Top Adult Sex Toys On The Web




Why A Sex Toy Matters

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Sex toys can help with so many different things. Aside from providing an endless amount of pleasure and stimulation, you can also use sex toys to help with erectile dysfunction, to help with foreplay stimulation and to increase circulation for more sensitivity. Lubricants, for example, can help women who are going through menopause and need a little help when things aren't as wet as they used to be. There are many different benefits if you are looking for that. If you're in the market for pleasure only, then you know that adult sex toys are definitely made to please. From dildos and vibrators to cock rings and mouth gags, there's something for everyone.


Like we mentioned above, lubricants are a staple for so many different sexual scenarios. Whether you need help with insertion or you want to experience a certain sensation, lubricants can help. Condoms often come lubricated with tingling enhancers or cooling sensation gels that can increase stimulation. You can find water-based gels that are great for sensitive skin or flavored lubes for an added bonus. Lubes are a great add-on to all sex toys - especially those that are designed for vaginal or anal insertion. Consider adding a lubricant to your cart when you're shopping for sex toys.


Condoms are great for protection. When you have multiple sex partners, condoms will help ease your mind and give you a sense of security to open up and explore anal or vaginal intercourse. Condoms aren't just for men. In the condom link below, you'll find female condoms that you can have on hand or dental dams that are great protection for oral pleasure. Condoms are so thin these days that you'll forget that you're wearing one but can forget about the stress of pregnancy or STDs and have fun.


Vibrators have been around for decades. They have been used to achieve clitoral orgasms for years and now are used for so many different things. From vibrating nipple clamps and cock rings to vibrating dildos and mouth gags, you can find a vibrator for just about anything. Vibrators are even compatible with smartphones now so that you can control your pleasure remotely. Give the controls to a partner for an unexpected surprise during the day.

Butt Plugs

If you're used to plain old sex, butt plugs might intimidate you. The best thing about these sex toys is that they are so discreet you can wear them all day, and no one would have a clue. Anal sex isn't for everyone, but if you're open-minded to exploring or want to try something different, you might really enjoy the feeling of being full. These toys are also great for stretching in preparation for anal sex. If you want to be more comfortable during insertion, there are kits that stretch gradually and help reduce pain. Anal sex can be extremely pleasurable for both men and women.

Male Masturbators

Just like vibrators and dildos that are marketed to women, there are many different male adult sex toys that are perfect for solo play or for exploring couples. Male masturbators come in dozens of different styles that are discreet and can be used at any time. There are also some innovative designs and sex dolls that make you forget you're masturbating and are great for filling in those gaps when you're waiting for the real thing. Male sex toys have come a long way, and new styles of sex dolls look just like real people. Find links to the hottest new designs below in our directory.

Where To Find The Above Adult Sex Toys & More

For links to the above-mentioned adult sex toys and more general sex toys, click on the links below to take you to the top ten directory for each category. Stop spending your time searching for the right toys and take our word that the best of the best is all right here, just a click away. Feel free to share this list with anyone else you might know that needs a quick guide to the top-rated general sex toys online.


BDSM Adult Sex Toys

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While the top general sex toys are listed above, below is a little more information on BDSM sex toys, their uses, and why you should try them. If you're into hardcore sex or you want to explore a little more, try these toys that range from beginner to extreme torture. In the world of BDSM sex, nothing is off limits. Start exploring below and then follow the links to take you to the pages with the top ten links to sites with the best sex toys.

Bondage Sex Toys

Bondage toys are generally for kinksters that love tying up their partners. Bondage comes in many different forms from harnesses to full apparel body suits that are meant to restrain. In BDSM there is usually a more dominant partner and a more submissive partner. The dominant partner will tie up the submissive partner, or restrain them, and either torture them with whips and paddles or with an endless amount of orgasms. If bondage is your fetish, find the top ten bondage sites below that will link you to the best bondage sex toys.

Leather Sex Toys

Just like bondage, leather is a fetish for many people. Leather sex toys are the norm on sex sites, even though there are other materials, leather is the most dominant category. You can shop leather whips and floggers, leather gloves and foot covers, leather sheets, and all other items you can imagine. If you want to play dress up and are looking for all-leather clothing, you'll find a wide selection available through the leather directory listed on this page. If you have a leather fetish, you will never run out of sex toys and accessories to keep you aroused and satisfied.

Mouth Gags

Mouth gags are another form of restraint for the dominant BDSM partner. Tying up your partner is one thing but making sure they can't talk, or you can put anything you want into their mouths with no pushback, is a whole different level for a mouth gag fetish. Humiliating designs are available as well as urinal style gags, vibrating gags and more costume-like hood designs for when you want to take your sex slave out in public. Mouth gags are a hot seller, and you'll find the original ball styles that stand alone or mouth gags that attach to a wide variety of harnesses and restraints.


If you've never tried a strap-on, even if you're in a heterosexual relationship, they're something to explore. Men with smaller members or erectile difficulties can use strap-ons to satisfy their partners and women can reverse that and use strap-ons to hit the p-spot on their men. Exploring is all a part of enhancing your sexual experiences. As long as you feel open-minded to try, you'd be surprised at how pleasing anal sex can be. Ease into strap-on sex with different sizes and shapes of dildos and go from there. Strap-ons are also great for same-sex partnerships and can please anyone who's willing to try. Pair with lubes to help with insertion.

Nipple Toys & Clamps

Nipple adult sex toys are great for people with nipple fetishes that like their nipples twisted, sucked, clamped and stretched. If that sounds like you, this is the category to shop. Find the link below to nipple toy sites and nipple clamp sex toy sites for the perfect items. Explore what it's like to feel extreme pleasure through nipple stimulation and you might even reach nipplegasm, a form of orgasm caused by extreme pleasure felt through nipple play. See what others are saying about their nipple experiences. Nipple sex toys come in so many different shapes, and sizes and are made to be as soft or hardcore as you want them to be. Start with something light and work your way up.

Cock & Ball Sex Toys

These sex toys are pretty self-explanatory, but again, there are some varieties that might surprise you. You'll find cock rings and vibrators that are made for everyone looking for a little something more to try. You'll also find chastity covers that come with lock and key for BDSM players who like to be in control of their partner's genitals. Find gay-friendly sites through the cock & ball link below to find the perfect toy to add to your collection. When having sex, it's important to remember that cock and ball stimulation is important. Don't skip straight to sex. Find toys that enhance foreplay.

Enemas & Douches

The importance of cleanliness is right up there with pleasure. The full feeling or klismaphilia fetish is on the rise, and you get a double whammy when you use a douche. Reaching orgasm when cleaning is quite normal and happens often. Although the initial use was to deep clean before and after sex, the feeling was so welcome that more and more douche toys are designed with pleasure in mind. Whether you're looking for a quick wash and need a disposable item or you're looking for something that you can use regularly at home, the link below will take you to the sites that carry it all. Find what you're looking for whether it be a hose or bottle variety and enjoy the feeling of washing and cleaning.

Where To Shop The Top BDSM Adult Sex Toys

Below is a list of links that will take you to the above BDSM sex toys. Find the perfect items to add to your hardcore sex sessions and explore new toys that will satisfy you even more. Each link is full of the top ten BDSM sex sites that you will find in that category. There is so much to discover. You'll never run out of sex toys with these links. Feel free to share this list with anyone that needs a push in the BDSM direction. Also keep in mind that al sex toys come in discreet packaging and your privacy always matters. Shopping for sex toys should be fun and exciting, and with this list below, you'll feel like a kid on Christmas.


What Next?

Now that you have the top directory for general sex toys and BDSM sex toys, it's time to start playing. On, we've saved you time. You no longer have to spend hours searching for the right adult sex toys when you have links to all of them right here at your fingertips. Spend more time enjoying sex and exploring new fetishes instead. Surprise your partner with a new toy or treat yourself to something that will make solo play a lot more exciting. Nothing is off limits when you have the most comprehensive sex toy list at your disposal. Make sure to bookmark this page for future use.



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