's General Hookup Forum Directory's General Hookup Forum Directory — If you've spent as much time on dating sites as we have, you probably have some strong feelings about them. Now you can rate dating forums on, and we couldn't be more excited.

It's like Rotten Tomatoes or Rate My Teacher for dating forums and apps!

  • A great way to make sure you're not signing up for any dating sites that aren't going to deliver on their promises
  • Rate different parts of the sites like the quality of the site, the hotness of its users, etc.
  • Even better is that it's free to join

Find the right hookup forum for you, without having to create a dozen profiles is a general dating forum that has a light-hearted and easy going vibe to its membership.

Find out what it's like dating in your 30s versus dating in your 40s, and so much more!

  • Ask a Guy and Ask a Girl sections make for unique dating site conversations
  • It seems as though the forum is used more for people to talk about other dating sites, not unlike the previous forum
  • A decent user base that seems to like each other

If you're into reviewing hookup forums you might want to take a quick look at this site, to see what they offer. — It's a beautiful thing to see such a big dating forum dedicated to hippies seeking love and sex. We would give an award for being the cutest forum if we had that power.

The hookup forum where you're very likely to find yourself doing something good for the planet on your first date.

  • Big member base, with tonnes of different sub forums to choose from
  • One of the most enthusiastic and active memberships we've seen

An inconvenient truth is that you're not likely to find anyone to date unless you take the time to visit this hookup forum. is a very generic (but busy) dating forum with a decent membership that discusses all of the different stags of dating, from dating, sex, family issues, and break ups.

If you find yourself broken up with, don't worry, because this is also a hookup forum and you'll be back on your feet soon!!

  • Has over 45 thousand members registered
  • Free to join
  • Friendly membership mostly, without many disagreements

If you're looking for a safe dating forum to recommend to your little cousin to check out, this will do the trick. is an archive of what was a fantastic dating forum where a pair of love doctors answered user submitted questions about sex, with the hopes of helping their sexual performance.

Are you as good in bed as you could be? Check out this dating forum to find out once and for all!

  • Free to join, and features a visually appealing design
  • Great questions and answers can still be found in the archives

Everyone wants to be good in bed, so sign up and make sure you're even ready to join other hookup forums. is a foreigner hookup forum for foreigners in Japan. Though the site seems to have lost some of its past posts, it's a very popular forum among people from North America teaching English in Japan.

If you play your cards right overseas, this dating forum will help you get laid just because you're a gaijin!

  • Based in Tokyo, so lots of members to ask questions if you're new to the country
  • Solid advice and stories for foreigners traveling to Japan for the first time
  • Clean but relatively plain layout, but it's a free site with good contact, so no complaints

Probably just for people going to Japan, but a Japanese dating forum will often have someone FROM Japan who's in your country looking for a date as well, so check it out! is a very general hookup forum, but it covers one of the broadest scopes of dating topics, which it allows a good opportunity for members with different interests to hookup with each other.

You're not used to dating sites this unfocused (but still sexy)!

  • Lots of hot men and women into lots of different kinks
  • Free to sign-up
  • The number of different view points make the site better than it probably should be

Dating forums that are general enough that you're bound to find something you're into. is a system of seduction for men who aren't good at speaking to women. It's a different way to look at dating, and one we find more often than not backfires in the faces of dating forum users.

Negging women into oblivion is how hookup forums like this tend do suggest you approach women.

  • Predominantly a male membership
  • Offers a free membership, but then attending live seminars, and purchasing books costs users money
  • Decent forum design

If you need help talking to women, we'd suggest taking tips from other hookup forums, but take a look! — If you're looking for a well designed dating forum that doesn't really deal with anything "out there", will be a good fit for you.

The adult hookup forum for those looking for a gateway forum!

  • Good small community that remains active, even if it's not one of the biggest around
  • Always free to sign up for a new membership
  • No bells and whistles but it works well, and has quality content

Check out these dating forums if you're looking to move slowly. is a dating forum and peer support group that seems very divisive among the dating site community.

Judge for yourself whether or not the Love Shack hookup forum is the right fit for you!

  • Huge membership, with threads being read by thousands of people sometimes
  • A very simple but clean forum layout
  • Moderators could do a better job weeding out some of the trolls is a little old place where we can get together and browse dating forums without having to pay for a membership.