's Ultimate LGBT Forum Directory's Ultimate LGBT Forum Directory is a gay hookup forum that has a section for every different sexual preference in the LGBT spectrum, so you're sure to find someone you want to get with.

You're going to have a hard time choosing who you want to hookup with when you check out their gay hookup forums.

  • Features a great avatar system that takes the guess work out of identifying someone's sexuality, which means less hitting on that straight girl or guy who's just hanging around for some mysterious reason
  • A large and enthusiastic membership makes for great conversations all over the site
  • Offers so much more than your typical hookup forum

Why aren't you already registered for this hookup forum? Doesn't it sound great? Click here to join. is a fantastic LGBT dating forum that helps a lot of members deal with the often difficult act of coming out of the closet.

Get out of the closet, and into these hookup forums!

  • Has a large membership that's very engaged with many topics
  • Simple but attractive design
  • Free to join for anyone who has or is interested in coming out of the closet

Hiding your sexuality is a horrible feeling, so sign up for this great dating forum to either come out yourself, or to help someone else who hasn't taken the leap yet. is a larger web forum, but it has a strong LGBT hookup forum within it. It may not be as dedicated to the LGBT experience as other forums, but we think you should give it a shot.

Sometimes the best hookups are found in the place you least expect them!

  • These gay hookup forums have a stunning collection of LGBT singles looking to hookup
  • Free sign-up and simple navigation for a pleasant enough forum experience

Click here to join the gay hookup forum on now! is an online forum based in Singapore, which features a huge gay hookup forum.

If you're looking for some action in Singapore, these are the hookup forums for you!

  • Over 770 pages of threads
  • Thousands of members discuss a wide range of topics, but this forum is always open to hookup posts
  • Simple design with free sign-up
  • Part of a larger site if you'd like to explore it further

The Hardware Zone waits for no one, so you should click here now to sign up for its hookup forums. is a gay forum dedicated to hot male celebrities. It's an extremely popular forum, and no man can be satisfied just by looking at pictures of Tom Cruise, so it often acts as a gay hookup forum as well.

Mixing steamy celebriies with gay hookup forums is a brilliant pairing!

  • The site has a membership of over 48,000 hot men who love their male celebrities
  • Has over 600,000 posts
  • Sidebars also feature ads to gay porn sites if you just want to hop over to one of those sites

You know you follow your celebrity gossip anyway, so why not sign up for these great hookup forums so you can get some action while you catch up on your gossip? is a lesbian forum where women from around the world discuss everything in their lives. That of course means there's a great hookup forum as well.

Hookup forums for lesbians like this aren't as common as they should be, so take advantage where you can!

  • The dating forum isn't as busy as the general chit chat forum is, but there are thousands of posts on the forum, so there's always going to be someone looking for a hookup
  • The size of the membership removes the sometimes present feeling of alienation that we can find in a straight dominated world

Join now and find someone to take out this weekend in the site's hookup forum! — Anyone can find action in the hookup forums on, but the site's LGBT forums are a standout from all of their many forums.

A simple yet effective LGBT hookup forum!

  • Free membership for all LGBT people
  • Features nearly 200 full pages of LGBT sex posts
  • Some members feel like the forum isn't the same as it used to be, but it's still an effective hookup spot
  • A very active membership

Click here for your free hookup forum membership. is just that. Their general forums are solid, but the prize here is their well-populated and raunchy gay hookup forum.

Don't be fooled by its simplicity. has killer hookup forums!

  • Some of the steamiest gay personals we've seen
  • A huge membership, that's both active, and hot
  • Free to join
  • Well designed and easy to navigate

You've never seen a gay hookup forum like this before, so throw aside any excuse you might have to not join. Sign up for free by clicking this link now! is a site dedicated to the representation of the LGBT community in the media, after the famous coming out episode of Ellen. Within the site is a forum that has a dating forum that is much more active than you'd expect.

Get your celebrity gossip AND meet someone special!

  • Features a sizeable membership comprised primarily of LGBT folks
  • Use the gay hookup forum to find dates in your area
  • One of the best designed forums of the ones listed here

Even if you're not going to use it for its dating forum you should sign up for the forums to take part in the culturally relevant forums about gays in the media. is a message board for the transgender community, which offers many different discussion forums, but the one that's most interesting for our purposes of course, is its dating forum.

Let others talk, while you hookup!

  • Don't waste time on the political and general discussion forums
  • The dating forum isn't as busy as the other forums, but there's still action going on
  • Very basic design

Join this one final LGBT dating forum if you're a member of the trans community, and find a date in no time flat.