Does Money Affect Relationships?

When it comes to dating, does money affect relationships? Well, of course it does. To think that it doesn't means that you're likely choosing to overlook something. If you want to understand more about why money might be affecting your relationship, InstantHookups has some important points for you to consider. So, does money affect relationships? Of course it does. Yes. The more important thing to consider is how and why it might be affecting things in your particular relationship. There are a bunch of things to consider, and we'll take a look through many of them. The cost of dating is a big consideration. What you and your partner are ultimately looking for in life, what your lifestyles are like, and how you and your partner already handle money matters is huge. It's important to consider whether or not a person who is a financial disaster a viable dating option. Financial issues can make things very uncomfortable, and money determines a lot. People are capable of change, but it's important that you make your choices very wisely. We'll take a closer look at all of these points in this article.

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Dating Costs Money

At the end of the day, no matter how you slice it, especially if you are a city-dweller, dating is not cheap. It is costly. If you don't have a lot of money to spend on dating, then you will either have to put it on the back burner for now, or you're going to have to get incredibly creative. Although there are really no rules regarding who pays for dates anymore, it can still end up being very costly. So, consider your resources and then consider who you're looking to date. If you're looking for someone who is high maintenance, chances are that you're not going to be able to get them out for a day of hiking or rock climbing. They're going to want a nice dinner, and they're not going to want to be concerned with the price tag. You may want to consider re-thinking the type of people you're looking to date. Be realistic. You'll need to be if you're going to survive the dating game, especially if you're trying to do it on limited funds.


What Are You Looking For In Life?

For a lot of people, solid financial stability is one of the things that is a deal breaker for them, and they're entitled. The world is what it is these days, and for some, financial stability is a vital element for them to be able to enjoy a relationship, and be willing to move forward in it. Not everyone is cut out for struggle, so if you don't have a great job that's going to provide long-term stability, then there's no need to try and have a relationship with someone who is looking for a partner that makes big figures. This is an important to thing to consider in life, because it's an important element of any relationship. Some people place more emphasis on it than others, and that's completely fine. Know where you stand on this before you get involved with anyone. You're allowed to have dating standards where money is concerned.

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Is Money Or Love More Important To You?

It is absolutely possible to have both in a relationship, so this point isn't meant to make it look like you have to choose one or the other. It is very important to consider this point however, because sooner or later, you're going to meet someone that you're really into, who is going to tick all of your boxes - except for maybe the financial one. If that time comes, you're going to need to consider whether or not love means more to you than money in the long run. No one wants to be with someone who is a financial disaster, that's for sure. Whether we choose to place more value on love or money, no one wants to have to struggle through life more than is necessary, and we'll address this in more detail a little bit later on. If it's a simple matter of someone being financially responsible, with a low-paying job that they enjoy, this is a completely different story. Money will not always bring you happiness, but love surely can. This is one question that you should spend some serious time reflecting on, before making any solid dating criteria decisions, where finances are concerned.


What Is Your Lifestyle Like?

What is your lifestyle like? Do your means support your lifestyle? Do your partner's means support theirs? Are you accustomed to a lifestyle that enables you to travel, shop, allow you not to worry about money? Choose your partner wisely, because both of your lifestyle choices will affect your bank accounts, and you need to make sure that you're going to be able to survive together, based on what you have. If you're both on a fairly equal footing and living within your means, then all the power to you! This is good news, and it's a great way to get started. Lifestyle is a major consideration when it comes to how money will affect your relationship. If you're comfortable with your lifestyle, but you can see that your partner has much higher expectations that you're not particularly comfortable with, then you need to address this. If you don't address it with your partner, you at least need to address it with yourself. Lifestyle choices are a pretty big part of how finances affect relationships.

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How You Handle Money Matters

Even if you manage to ensnare someone who is very financially secure, that doesn't mean that you won't still need to be responsible for your finances, and manage them appropriately. You can't get away with throwing caution to the wind where money is concerned, just because you've met someone who has a lot of it. Most people today, regardless of their level of financial security, are looking to meet someone who is good with handling their finances, no matter how limited their funds may be. Sometimes, it's not even how much money you have, but simply how you handle your money, that can be the deal breaker in a relationship. Better jobs are out there to be had. You're likely to change career paths at least once in your adult life. Your financial situation is very likely to improve, but how you handle your money at any stage, is completely up to you, and will speak volumes about you to money-conscious people out there who are looking to date.


Is a Financial Disaster a Viable Dating Option?

Would you want to date a financial disaster? Honestly, unless this is a serious sugar daddy/mommy situation, and even then, the answer from just about anyone where this question is concerned, is sure to be - no! No one wants to have to take on a dependent as a partner. If you wouldn't want to take on a financial dating disaster, then don't kid yourself into thinking that anyone else wants to, either. When it comes to your own choices, a lot can happen. You might meet someone and they're incredible. You're crazy about each other, and you've made it to the point where you're looking to move forward into long-term relationship territory. Someone who is a nightmare with handling money is going to be an extra burden to the commitment you're already looking to take on, so you need to be really honest with yourself about how you want your future to look, and whether or not financial struggle is something that you're willing to consider taking on. Think hard about this. It's a big decision, and it's one that you're going to want to make with a very level head. No matter how great your relationship may seem otherwise, it's a completely different situation when you join forces, and throw a huge financial stick into the wheel. There is sure to be conflict that arises from this, and it's sure to stress your relationship. On the other hand, if you've got a ton of money and you're genuinely not concerned with this, then all the power to you.

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Financial Issues Can Make Things Really Uncomfortable

This is not just a common sense fact, it's also a a hard truth that needs to be considered, especially where dating is concerned. Loads of debt that are out of control are a lot to take on, and it's a hit. Every time. These kinds of lifestyle choices are very important to take a close look at when you're trying to decide on a partner, because financial issues can put an incredible strain on your bank account(s), your relationship, and ultimately you life in general. Taking on the stress of money issues is a very big deal. Don't kid yourself. Your currently happy relationship will very likely take a very sharp turn, once you've decided to continue on with a person who has serious financial issues.


People Are Capable Of Change

Yes, people can change but make sure that you have seen a long-term, consistent change in your partner's financial habits before you decide that things have completely changed for the better, permanently. It's important to keep in mind that not everyone has had the best financial upbringing, and not everyone will know what you know. Maybe they're just making the best of their situation with the knowledge they have. It can be awkward and embarrassing to ask people for help with managing finances, so most people never do it. There are financial planners available out there, but their services do cost money, so someone with limited funds isn't likely to be reaching out to them for assistance. Take this into consideration because with some coaching and understanding, you might be surprised with how quickly someone can turn their situation around. Knowledge is everything when it comes to handling finances.

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Money Determines A Lot

There's no getting around this. Money is a big deal. It determines a lot, and when it comes to relationships, money affects so much. It can affect everything from credit ratings to lifestyle choices, to whether or not you can purchase a vehicle or a house, to what your life will look like when you retire. There is so much to consider here. When it comes to relationships, money can and will affect so much, so remain mindful of this as your relationship progresses, and be aware of the challenges that could lay ahead, if you should choose to take on a partner who has financial struggles going on in their lives. It's important to weight everything out, and make your choices very wisely, which brings us to our final point.


Make Your Choices Wisely

It doesn't matter what you choose to take on, what matters is that you're able to handle the choice you've made financially, and be happy with it. Consider all of the things you want to do. What each of these things means to you is a very big deal, and it's wise to find a partner who has financial goals and ideals which align with yours, or who is at least willing to learn better habits and practices, so that even if they may not necessarily be able to improve your financial situation, they at least won't hurt it. All of this is a personal choice, so choose very wisely. When it comes to how you want to proceed in a relationship, under the financial circumstances that are currently before you. Money does not buy happiness, that's for sure. Money can make a lot of things easier though, and it's important to remember that taking on huge financial burdens will ultimately lead to stress in your relationship. It's unavoidable. Hopefully this information has been helpful to you, as you work through these thoughts.

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