What is 'Cuffing Season?'

Cuffing season is basically the winter period, and the term refers to the practice of hooking up with someone during the cold months, especially if you would normally be single throughout the year. Taking part in cuffing season can often result in cozying up with someone you might not normally consider, but do so anyway, driven by a (possibly biological) need to partner up for the winter.

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What Is Cuffing Season 0

What Even Is This BS Cuffing Traditional Anyway?

Okay, first of all, while cuffing season sounds like a millennial BS term, it is in fact part of your biology -- yes, YOURS. How so? Well, since the beginning of time, (or since the world starting freezing during certain parts of the year) there has been a biological trend towards hibernation. Cuffing season is not just a strange cultural movement currently being discussed the world over by a new generation, it is also an urge, a biological drive, that lies dormant in us until winter starts to rear its frosty head. Then folks all over the world start to think about things like thick sweaters, roaring fires, long nights in, and, well, comfort sex.


Is There A Biological Vetting Period Involved In Cuffing?

The short answer is that, yes, there is a biological cuffing airlock which basically involves Halloween costumes, social media, and drunk texting. Some part of the body-brain network decides deep in its dimmest recesses that you are going to need a mate to hole up with now that the days are shorter and the snows are a-comin'. Late September to late October is what you might call pre-cuffing season.

What Is Cuffing Season 2

I'm Usually Single During Winter -- Is Cuffing Season For Me?

Actually yes, it is almost exclusively for you, although folk who are already in relationships will end up doing much the same as dyed in the wool singletons at this time of year, namely canoodling and humping. If you are usually on your own for the rest of the year, the term 'cuffing season' is pretty much your own personal domain. This is the time of year when you get to share all the nerdy things that you like with someone new and exciting. Or at least new and challenging. Well, at least challenging. Although not necessarily new... In fact, a trend among cuffing seasoners is to hookvup with someone they already have history with, although not usually an ex. A friend that you may have fancied for a while, or an old flame, or perhaps even a kinky wife or husband looking for a winter retreat from their frosty marriage... All of this and more can happen at this magical (and slightly gross, if we're being honest with ourselves) time of the year.


Cuffing Season Seems Biologically Driven -- Am I Likely To Get Pregnant?

Well, the evidence certainly exists to suggest that more kids are conceived during the winter period than any other -- August to October is a very popular month for birthdays, if you get what we are saying. But the fact is, if you take precautions, you are no more or less likely to get pregnant with a guy than you would be at any other time of the year. Statistically, though, if you are usually single, then yes, of course having sex will raise the possibility of getting up the duff.

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Checklist For Cuffing Season Participation Suitability

  • Best #1
    Are you single? Cuffing season is mostly for those poor souls who don't have anyone special to share the fun things of life with, so if you are single then cuffing season is definitely for you.
  • Best #2
    Do you get cold in bed at night? This is a sure sign that you need to get yourself a human hot water bottle, also affectionately known as a partner, boyfriend, and/or girlfriend. For some reason, cuddling in bed with someone tends to make the world feel less cold. If you have spent your winters almost entirely alone, this is something you may want to experience at least once.
  • Best #3
    Do you enjoy the sexual company of others? Again, if you haven't tried this, it is most magical, and most welcome, during the long winter nights. Cuddling up in bed, getting warm together, sharing body heat -- this level of intimacy often leads to sex, so if you're a fan of making the two-backed beast, why not give cuffing season a whirl this winter.
  • Best #4
    Does the thought of snuggling up by the fire with a significant other while you both wear sweaters and drink cocoa make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? If not, you may perhaps be lacking some essential set of feelings, or perhaps you have simply grown up at the equator, where this 'winter' thing is a half-real myth. If the little description above does something for you, though, you may be eligible for a full cuffing season pass, valid from around Fall to Spring, every year until your soul shrivels up and you don't need it any more.
  • Best #5
    Would you normally scoff at the icky romances of others, but feel an imperative need to shack up every winter? Well, Scrooge McScoffypants, it turns out that YOU have a heart of pure molten gold.
  • Best #6
    Does the idea of spending winter alone leave you feeling... cold? Sorry, we couldn't resist the pun. But really -- if you feel a little down at the prospect of spending winter alone, chances are you are feeling the inexorable tug of cuffing season. Laugh if you will, but cuffing season sneaks up on you even if you have the hardest heart and the steeliest resolve. Get ready to have your icicles melted...
  • Best #7
    Are you secretly jealous of your happily shacked up friends when winter comes around? Another key indicator of a lurking cuffing season desire. Wondered why your friends annoy you when they gush about how happy they are with their significant others? It is almost certainly because you are jealous. What can you do about it? Well, you can't go wrong if you keep in mind that old adage -- if you can't beat them, join them. Cue only-half-joking targeted singletons tweets.

Cuffing Season Is A Nonsense Trend Which Will Just Go Away If I Ignore It, Right?

Nope. One of the annoying things about millennials is that they tend to be right about things. You can blame this on the internet, on the economy, on evolution, on the interconnectedness of late capitalist human civilization, or on the accumulated wisdom of decades of satirical situation comedy, but whatever it is, you have to admit that millennials have an irritating way of hitting the nail on the head that previous generations, with their over reliance on intuition, beer, and the reference sections of libraries, couldn't always manage. To cut a long story short, No -- cuffing season is going NOWHERE because it is a biological urge and a very real sociological phenomenon; the difference is that it now has a name.


Is It Correct Manners To Send Out Cuffing Season Cards?

Not yet, but you can be sure Hallmark probably has a department working on it. However, what you CAN do if you are single and the winter is starting to creep its icy way across the land is to start sending cheeky tweets with hashtags such as #cuffingseason and #singleAF. Don't be surprised if this actually works -- other Twitter singletons will get the joke, and if they like what they see of your feed and your profile, and they are remotely near you, then you may find yourself getting propositioned. It happens, so don't nerd out too hard if someone actually bites.

What Is Cuffing Season 6

The Top Five Things That Make Cuffing Season Awesome

  • Best #1
    It's a good excuse to kick up your evolutionary game.
  • Best #2
    The general sense of biological urgency means that even the dweebiest no-hopers have some chance of getting laid.
  • Best #3
    It's a good excuse to reconnect with old flames -- and to ignite new ones.
  • Best #4
    If you are usually single, it's a good way to bag a year round squeeze if you play your cards right.
  • Best #5
    It gives you something to talk about. That's right, cuffing season is a shared cultural phenomenon, meaning that you have plenty to talk about with other people who in pretty much every other way are probably nothing like you.

Is Cuffing Season A Good Time To Get Married?

There is no right or wrong answer to this often asked question. If you have been together for a while, or if you really both feel that it really is the love that can last forever than has poked its warming fingers into your frosty lives, then yeah, sure, go for it! Why not? But if, as is more likely the case, you are simply getting swept up in that horrid melancholy tinged magical winter love thing that so often gets its claws into people, then take a step back and have a good long think about your life and your future and all those other horrid things that it is best not to examine too closely for very long --or, actually, at all, ever.


How To Pop The Question At Cuffing Season

You could consider hiding a wedding ring in a lovely chocolate Yule log... or then again, if you don't want to face medical bills and having to get a new ring, and possibly a new fiancee, maybe not. However, there are lots of ways in which you can propose to your new found flame during cuffing season. Here are some ways you can pop the question without choking anyone with jewelry. - Leave a trail of rose petals leading to a roaring fire for your partner to follow after he or she gets out of a long and luxurious bubble bath. Hold the ring box in your teeth as you pose naked beside the fire. Not only will your partner be amazed, they may also be amused. Failing these, they may still get a free ring if they get the secret mystery question right, so there's that. - Skiing. Propose in a ski lift. Or hide the ring in the snow for your beloved to discover. Just kidding, don't do that. But the exhilaration of skiing, the heady crystal clear air, the rush of blood in the veins -- these are all conducive to romance. - Special meal. Make something special for your partner and propose afterwards with a nice bottle of wine.

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